Fernando Tamez


Art Director


Creative Art Director

With wide experience Working in Advertising and Freelance

Creative Art Director with many years of experience working

in advertising agencies and freelance, managing: brand identity, creative and communication strategies, editorial design, multimedia, digital inbound marketing, consulting and web design support.


With a great passion for design and determined to work in an analytical and creative, direct, logical, precise and systematic style.


I am a meticulous and accurate thinker with an innate dynamism

in the solution of challenges.


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Over many years in the advertising business, I has worked with top clients in the industry & many exciting startups.

Advertising, Design, Webdesign,

Motion graphics, Illustration, Photography and Photo-manipulation and Storyboard.

Adobe Creative Suite CC 2017,

Freehand, Sketchbook Pro, Poser

Painter, Cinema 4D, Bryce,

Final Cut, After Effects, Muse.

With a remarkable ease and taste for learning new technologies.


The pure essence in every human being, the bit of shattered fragment that was left by our ancestors, to be a human, to create and to achieve.




The process begins with a detailed study of the subject in order to explore and understand.

A journey of discovery in search of the right solution for the client.

Final word said, last sketch made, time to start crushing the designs digitally. Hard work ahead!


Are you interested in a collaboration?

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Life is too short to spend it in what you do not like

and even shorter to fight for it against others.

How much?

How long?

What software do you use?

My prices are average for the field, but every project is different, and my prices reflect this.

I can't promise miracles, but sometimes they do happen. On average, it can take up to a week or two for a website or another work

Adobe Creative Suite CC 2017 Photoshop, Freehand, SketchBook Pro, Muse, Painter, Poser,  Cinema 4D, Final Cut, After Effects, Premier,  Bryce,

How do you deliver?

Are you willing to relocate?

Are you able to code it?

I use Dropbox or my own FTP, usually sending all source files & other assets when final payment is received.

No, I'm currently living in Mexico, but I'm definitely willing to travel to meet & work with my clients if required.

I can provide coding, but I'll only be the director in the process. because I use my own developers for this.


If you are looking for a screwdriver, you will not find him here, but if you are looking for a creative design partner that can help you with your projects & create mind-blowing experiences, you just found him.



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